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Transformative second and foreign language learning for the 21st century 

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Goulah, J. (2006). Transformative second and foreign language learning for the 21st century. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 3(4), (201-221).

This article would be of interest to scholars who work on refining the Standards and teachers who view education as a transformative experience, not just learning content. The author argues that recent trends in second language acquisition studies privilege a "technical" view of language that objectifies language and ignores its role in social interaction and identity creation. He also laments the loss of worldviews associated with local languages that disappear due to the teaching of world languages like English and Spanish. The author recommends a shift to "transformative second/foreign language learning," (TL) an approach similar to critical pedagogy, in which content and teaching techniques are selected to bring about a change in "learner tendencies, attitudes, and actions" (p. 202). He argues that TL is in line with the focus on culture as outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

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Subtitle:Critical Inquiry in Language Studies
Author(s):Goulah, J.
Publication Date(s):1/1/2006
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