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The importance of Standards. In Teaching Chinese as a foreign language: Theories and applications 

08-29-2011 12:00

Everson, M. E. (2009). The importance of Standards . In Everson, M. E. & Xiao, Y. (Ed.), Teaching Chinese as a foreign language: Theories and applications. (pp. 3-17). Boston, MA: Cheng &Tsui.

Written for practicing or prospective Chinese language teachers who have no knowledge of the Standards, this article presents background in foreign language education describing important developments such as audiolingualism, communicative competence, and communicative language teaching that contributed to the development of the foreign language Standards. Each standard is described with a brief example from the Chinese language context used for illustration. How the Standards interface with assessment is also explained.

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Subtitle:Teaching Chinese as a foreign language: Theories and applications
Author(s):Everson, M. E.
Publisher:Cheng &Tsui
Publication Date(s):1/1/2009
Volume:Boston, MA
ISBN:Everson, M. E. & Xiao, Y.
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