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The enchantment of learning with song, theater, and storytelling. In Standards for a new century 

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Donovan, R. & Lozano, P. (1999). The enchantment of learning with song, theater, and storytelling . In Nerenz, A. (Ed.), Standards for a new century. (pp. 130-142). Lincolnwood, IL: National Textbook Company.

Of interest to teachers at all levels, this chapter explores how music, role-playing, and storytelling activities access different areas of the brain and how they allow teachers to enrich the learning environment for their students. After briefly reviewing brain research related to language learning, the authors describe how each of the five Standards relates to a variety of different intelligences. They then present a series of activities using music and song, theater and play-acting and storytelling with specific suggestions on useful techniques for making these activities successful.

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Subtitle:Standards for a new century
Author(s):Donovan, R. & Lozano, P.
Publisher:National Textbook Company
Publication Date(s):1/1/1999
Volume:Lincolnwood, IL
ISBN:Nerenz, A.
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