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Standards-based foreign language learning and teachers' pedagogical beliefs. In Teamwork in Foreign Languages 

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Allen, L. Q. (2001). Standards-based foreign language learning and teachers' pedagogical beliefs . In Oukada, L. & Garfinkel, A. (Ed.), Teamwork in Foreign Languages. (pp. 33-45). Valdosta, GA: Lee Bradley.

This chapter, of particular interest of language educators, explores the need to engage language educators in the identification and clarification of their own beliefs about teaching and learning in order to better align pedagogical practices with the Standards; professional development alone is not enough to cause a change. Allen investigates this need by administering a Foreign Language Education Questionnaire (FLEQ) to experienced educators enrolled in her graduate-level course, entitled Standards-Based Foreign Language Instruction. This chapter describes the development of the FLEQ, summarizes participants' responses and provides suggestions or future professional development.

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Subtitle:Teamwork in Foreign Languages
Author(s):Allen, L. Q.
Publisher:Lee Bradley
Publication Date(s):1/1/2001
Volume:Valdosta, GA
ISBN:Oukada, L. & Garfinkel, A.
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