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Intercultural communities: Rethinking Célestin Freinet. In Connections beyond the foreign language classroom 

08-29-2011 12:00

Gresso, H. & Lomicka, L. (1999). Intercultural communities: Rethinking Célestin Freinet . In Ally, D. & Cherry, C. M. (Ed.), Connections beyond the foreign language classroom. (pp. 1-12). Valdosta, GA: Southern Conference on Language Teaching.

This article will interest teachers of all languages and levels. The authors provide an historical context for the goals outlined in the Connections standard by presenting the work of the French educator Célestin Freinet. Over 70 years ago Freinet encouraged teachers and students to establish connections beyond the classrooms through intercultural learning networks and interaction with the community. We are reminded that exchanges between classes and the use of guest speakers is neither unique to FL classes nor is an exclusively modern technique.

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Subtitle:Connections beyond the foreign language classroom
Author(s):Gresso, H. & Lomicka, L.
Publisher:Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Publication Date(s):1/1/1999
Volume:Valdosta, GA
ISBN:Ally, D. & Cherry, C. M.
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