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Foreign Language Program Articulation: Current Practice and Future Prospects. 

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Lally, C. G. (Ed.). (2001). Foreign Language Program Articulation: Current Practice and Future Prospects.. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey.

This edited book approaches articulation of the foreign language curriculum from a variety of perspectives. Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 10 discuss the Standards in relation to program articulation. Chapters include: 1) Foreign Language Placement Examinations: A Brief History of the Standardized Test, 2) Foreign Language Articulation: Using the National Standards ad a Guide for Local Articulation Efforts, 3) Composition and Articulation: Classroom Practice, National Standards, and Academic Alliances, 4) Sequential Foreign Language Programs: Articulating Language and Literature, 5) The South Carolina Project for Improved Articulation, 6) Changing Perspectives and Practices in Foreign Language Classrooms: A CAAP Update, 7) Articulation Efforts in New York State , 8) The Minnesota Articulation Project: Past, Present, and Future, 9) Foreign Language Articulation and the Social Climate, 10) Articulating Foreign Language Programs: The Need for New, Curricular Bases.

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Author(s):Lally, C. G.
Publisher:Bergin & Garvey
Publication Date(s):1/1/2001
Volume:Westport, CT
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