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Communications, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities 

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Alley, D. & Heusinkveld, P. (Ed.). (1998). Communications, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities. Valdosta, GA: Southern Conference on Language Teaching.

Since the publication of the National Standards in 1995, SCOLT joined other organizations and sources to help disseminate, interpret, and adapt the Standards to specific languages and the particular needs of state FL organizations. The theme of SCOLT's 1998 conference was the 5Cs of the National Standards. The eight articles in this volume are part of the effort of sharing a multitude of strategies for making the National Standards a reality in FL classrooms. The articles collectively address the five goal areas of the National Standards as well as all four modalities of FL learning¬ólistening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as the "fifth dimension," culture. Dimension '98 offers a myriad of ideas for implementing the National Standards at all levels of instruction. These eight papers address the five goals of the National Standards for foreign language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. They include the following: (1) "From Rhetoric to Reality: Applying AATSP Standards to the Spanish Classroom"; (2) "Standards for Teaching Cultures: The National Standards and the AATF Framework"; (3) "New Directions in the Study of French: Toward a Francophone Revolution, Language Choice of the New Student Generation"; (4) "Accessing Cultural and Linguistic Input from Foreign Language Literacy Tests in the Beginning Language Classroom"; (5) "Personalizing Foreign Language Instruction with World Wide Web Home Pages"; (6) "The Use of Writing Assistant Software: An Effective Tool in Improving Writing?"; (7) "Connecting Content Areas via Music in the Elementary Foreign Language Class"; and (8) "Using the National Standards to Improve Foreign Language Articulation: An Alternative to Placement Exams".

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Author(s):Alley, D. & Heusinkveld, P.
Publisher:Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Publication Date(s):1/1/1998
Volume:Valdosta, GA
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