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Bringing the standard for foreign language learning to life 

08-29-2011 12:00

Blaz, D. (2002). Bringing the standard for foreign language learning to life. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

This book demonstrates how student-centered strategies can be applied in the classroom. It shows how to prepare lesson plans based on what students should know and be able to do, according to the Standards, and how to create a classroom environment revolving around rigorous and creative student activity. It provides a collection of performance tasks and rubrics revolving around the Standards in addition to multiple classroom examples of Socratic seminars, group work such as simulations and role playing, performances and exhibitions, and projects and portfolios, among other demonstrations of student learning.

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Author(s):Blaz, D.
Publisher:Eye on Education
Publication Date(s):1/1/2002
Volume:Larchmont, NY
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