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A study of foreign language learning outcomes assessment in U.S. undergraduate education 

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Ricardo-Osorio, J. G. (2008). A study of foreign language learning outcomes assessment in U.S. undergraduate education. Foreign Language Annals, 41(4), (590-610).

This article is a report of a 2005 survey of foreign language department heads on types of assessments used in undergraduate programs. It would be of interest to researchers in the history of L2 education in the U.S. and to those who need empirical data on the types of assessments used in this country. The author first provides brief descriptions of various assessment types (OPI, portfolio, self-assessment, capstone course, etc.) then moves to the results of his survey: the most common types of evaluation tools are (1) faculty-designed exams, (2) student papers and projects, and (3) student presentations. In spite of decades of work in proficiency assessment, almost three-quarters of the chairs report that translation is used as a measure of student progress. The National Standards for Foreign Language Learning were shown to have minimal impact on the design of assessments, with only oral proficiency having any influence from the Standards. The author concludes with possible reasons for the difficulty in implementing proficiency-based assessments.

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Subtitle:Foreign Language Annals
Author(s):Ricardo-Osorio, J. G.
Publication Date(s):1/1/2008
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