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A 21st century approach to integrating culture and communication. In From Practice to Profession 

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Cheatham, R. (2007). A 21st century approach to integrating culture and communication . In Cherry, C. M. & Bradley, L. (Ed.), From Practice to Profession. (pp. 79-90). Valdosta, GA: Southern Conference on Language Teaching.

This article will interest teachers of all levels, although it has a focus on French. Cheatham's article highlights her university's use of the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) instrument to enable students to combine relevant issues found in the cultures of the target language with their development of functional communication skills. Students are guided by the IPA practice to gain culturally authentic communicative skills, and they acquire language for the real world.

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Subtitle:From Practice to Profession
Author(s):Cheatham, R.
Publisher:Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Publication Date(s):1/1/2007
Volume:Valdosta, GA
ISBN:Cherry, C. M. & Bradley, L.
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