• Collaborating Around Languages and Literacy

    The World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages describe literacy through the three modes of communication (Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational) and connect with 21st century literacies defined as: • Cross-cultural Relationships • Global Audiences • Ethical Responsibilities • Multimedia Texts • Multiple Streams of Information • Technology Tools BENEFITS: Participants will increase their repertoire of instructional strategies for the three modes of communication through free access to: • Webinars focused on the development and reinforcement of literacy • Library of up-to-date resources focused on literacy • “Helpdesk” to respond to questions related to the creation of model lessons and units • Collaboration and resources created by Collaborative Teams across the United States This project will create a meeting place for world language educators from across the United States. Be part of this initiative by creating one or more collaborative teams. Working together is working smarter.