• February is Lead with Languages Advocacy Month!

    Throughout the month of February, the Lead with Languages campaign celebrates stories from students, parents, teachers, and others who are advocating for language education programs across the United States. Advocates are encouraged to change their profile pictures, share with policymakers key findings about the value and impact of language learning, and take additional actions in support of language programs at the local, state, and federal levels.


    Improved cognitive benefits and problem solving skills. Increased empathy and tolerance. Heightened demand in the job market. More ways to connect and thrive in our interconnected, 21st century world... Show us your “why” by creating an original, positive meme in support of language learning as part of our #LangMeme2020 Challenge on social media. 

    Visit the Lead with Languages site for more details, including other ways to get involved, and download your media kit today. Then be sure to spread the word to fellow advocates!