Using Wiki Spaces

By Valeria Palladino posted 08-28-2011 19:26

Our organization, IHLA (the International and Heritage Languages Association) offered a seminar last week about using wikis to teach second languages.

The session I organized and presented on behalf of IHLA was a success and we are about to offer it at least once more in the fall. Yes - we are based in Alberta, Canada. But we are proud members of ACTFL and we have been following discussion conversations about the use of wikis for SL classes. I believe sharing the wiki page with you here may be of use to some teachers, who may want to begin to explore the use of wikis to set up lesson, unit and project ideas on very easy and highly collaborative online spaces.

The wiki for the seminar is hosted at the following site - The Wiki Seminar and it is open to absolutely everyone who wishes to get some ideas and learn a few simple basic elements of the wiki. If you also wish to join the wiki just request to join it from the link. We will gladly include you in the group. We will be adding more and more details about the different ideas and "tricks" you can use the wiki page for. Remember - setting one up requires an email account and Internet connection - and you will have up to 2 GB of free space to work with - for free.

There is tons of research out there that supports the use of wikis for interactive purposes in both written interaction and collaborative learning. And with the use of simple widgets and oral language tools you can add spoken production pieces as well, that support the achievement of learning objectives. Feel free to visit and ask questions about these tools. We share all our knowledge with interested teachers of all international and heritage languages.