Have you ever thought about using POLLS for your second language class?

By Valeria Palladino posted 08-24-2011 22:26

As I update my podcast channel, also in preparation for my presentation at the next ACTFL convention in Denver, I have just prepared a short podcast about using an online poll tool. The tool is called FLISTI and it allows users to create polls online, that you can share in class via e-mail, on social media or blog pages or even wiki pages, and quickly get results from your students. I have read about a bit of research done to support the use of polls for SL learning and I know it actually works. If you want to know more consider checking the link below:

Using Flisti Podcast

For some theory basis and ideas shared by other teachers also check: Using Web Polls.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences using polls. The FLISTI tool works with links on mobile phones as well. And the task can be completed entirely in the target language. I think it is great!