Urban Issues - Are they so special?

By Theresa Austin posted 01-01-2011 00:22

I guess the quickness with which people logged on to this blog indicates that there are some issues that are particularly pressing to address.

So I am going to just throw one issue I see and ask for how others are doing to address this.

One is involved with how students get counseled into taking a world language. I have heard that some students take courses to be with friends ( boy/girl friends in particular). Of course there are some who choose a language based on their own interests. Others are pressured by their parents. Yet still others are counseled out of one language (if they are bilingual and maybe not biliterate) and counseled into another. This matters if we are trying to develop advanced literacies and  if we are trying to undo stereotypes that the bilinguals have been facing but have not challenged.

What are the choices at your school and How do the students at your school choose? For example if there are few or no heritage language classes do they go into a language that is the closest? Or do they chose a completely different language and start from the beginning (which often happens)?