Download Articles from The Language Educator Here in Resource Libraries!

By Sandy Cutshall posted 04-01-2010 15:43


We have put feature articles from the January and February 2010 issues of The Language Educator right here in the ACTFL Online Community. Just go to the Resources section to find the individual folders with many of the articles from the first two issues of 2010. 
    Included in the February issue is a continuation of the series focusing on how educators are using technology ("Getting Connected in the 21st Century: Making Real-World Connections to Language Learning") with a look at the tech-savvy Laura Franklin at Northern Virginia Community College.
    An interesting article submitted by a group of educators and administrators at Ohio State University highlights a teaching and learning center for language students and instructors ("Exploring the TLC").     
    In "Saving the Irish Language," we look at efforts to preserve Irish both in Ireland and in the United States.
    "Let's Eat!" shows how some French and Spanish educators are helping learners find language and cultural connections while sharing a meal, including short items by Rodrigo Cea, Dorothea Ragsdale, and Marjorie Baker. 
    Finally, authors Marcie Pyper and Cynthia Slagter share their interesting idea for helping language learners move beyond their own world and culture in "Recontextualizing Autobiographical Video" featured in the "IN THE CLASSROOM" section.
    I urge ACTFL members to explore and download the individual feature articles already here. And definitely check back soon--because articles from the April 2010 issue will be up shortly!