Tell us about how you connect to other language educators!

By Sandy Cutshall posted 12-30-2009 12:56


ACTFL invites educators to air their views on topics we cover in our “So You Say” feature in The Language Educator magazine. We are particularly interested in getting your responses to the following question:

February 2010: How do you connect with other colleagues in language education? What type of information do you find most helpful to share with one another?

Each issue of The Language Educator includes the “So You Say” feature, an area where our readers offer their opinions on topics relevant to language education. Representative statements are published in the magazine. To offer your views on a topic, please go to Under “What’s New” you will see a link to a form where you may enter a message of no more than 150 words. When finished, click Submit and your message will reach the editorial office.

Thanks in advance for contributing to The Language Educator!

Sandy Cutshall, Editor

The Language Educator