Checking in with the 2010 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year-Lisa Lilley

By Lisa Ritter posted 03-31-2010 00:56


I am so honored to serve as the 2010 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year.  I am more than excited about the opportunity to meet language educators from around the country during my visits to the regional conferences.  And I will be very involved in advocacy efforts to communicate the message that a 21st Century Education requires proficiency in at least one other language.  

Getting here was a process that began with the vision and encouragement of some wonderful colleagues and teacher-leaders in my state of Missouri.  I am very grateful to them and strive to "pay it forward" by helping other teachers.  I also wish to thank ACTFL and Holt McDougal for their sponsorship of this award.  It was a true pleasure to get to meet the other finalists:  Vickie Mike of the Northwest Conference, Nella Spurlin from SWCOLT, Linda Zins-Adams from SCOLT, and Renee Fritzen from the Pacific Northwest Council.  They are master teachers plus and highly inspirational women.  And speaking of inspiration, we have been so well served by the contributions of Toni Theisen as the 2009 ACTFL Teacher of the Year.  Her example reminds me that although this is an immense personal honor, its real worth is in using it as a platform to advance our profession.

To that end, I  will use this blog as a positive space to celebrate our work as educators.  I hope to post often and welcome your comments and participation in discussions.  The ACTFL Online Community can be a fantastic resource.

Keep up the good work so that our students not only discover languages but continue on to higher proficiency!

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