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RE:SNS & SFL mixed groups

By Janet Welsh Crossley posted 09-09-2010 23:41

Thank you to those whom have responded to my question about having mixed native speakers and SFL students in the same classes. I very much appreciate your responses and book recommendations. I will look into those! Having the info of which materials students like is especially welcome.
Thank you!

I teach a Spanish for Heritage Learners at my school.  I applied for a grant last year and was able to by some books for my class.  The books I got and that my students love are:

Cajas de cartón, Francisco Jiménez
Senderos fronterizos, Francisco Jiménez
Cuando era puertorriqueña, Esmeralda Santiago
Antes de ser libres, Julia Alvarez
En el tiempo de las mariposas, Julia Alvarez

I also take lots of articles from the Internet. is great to get them reading about current events.  Also, there are other websites on-line dedicated to helping "native speakers" or "heritage learners" to be successful.  I hope this can help!

Mindy Euken Cadenillas