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Nicaragua Summer Exchange Program

By Ilba Prego posted 04-24-2014 18:18






Each Sumer I provide an opportunity for a few teachers to travel and learn about our high school exchange to historic Granada, Nicaragua!

Our teacher chaperone fly's with our student group, aside from the flight - there is no recruitment or supervision of students! Once you arrive you enjoy your trip with our support!

There is a lot to see and experience, you may travel during your visit or stay with us in the community and enjoy our slow tropical pace! Granada is a colonial, walk-able city, known regionally for poetry and the arts!

We provide roundtrip flight and we include excursions, a spa visit, and one free dinner. We also connect you to our local network of

Women friends- teachers and community leaders! Things to do in Granada, learn Latin dance, get involved with our partner organization Casa de la Mujer-Granada, visit artists, go shopping,

Experience local music, attend a poetry reading, explore outdoor restaurants, visit our host high schools, and join our community service afternoons, (55 hours)

Explore a cloud-forest, relax on a tropical island, and go swimming in a blue lagoon! I'm have a number of students enrolled from your area, I'm also coordinating an all girls exchange with Castilleja School, Palo Alto CA

Maret High School, Washington, DC.

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Nothing can compare to the fun and vibrant dynamics of local youth - and its impact on Spanish fluency!


We are Latin America's only true high school summer exchange, hosted by Central America's historic colonial high school!

While participating in meaningful activities with youth and local schools, our visiting students discovers the missing link to their Spanish - real people!


A true high school environment!

We provide excellent supervision and support with onsite U.S. Bilingual Directors

We provide a 1:3 staff to student ratio

We provide Host Families with kids

We host our program in Granada's Colonial high school

We provide socially active Spanish sessions and one-to-one tutoring

We contribute to local youth programs

We provide overseas health coverage and employ an onsite doctor

We include chaperoned roundtrip airfare

We include all costs from roundtrip airfare to bottled water.


I hope you will join us in Granada this summer!


Ilba Prego

Program Director,


Nicaragua Summer

Exchange 2014