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Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

By Daniel Baker posted 02-12-2013 12:51


Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

As the webmaster of, I am interested in more ideas to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

I created my website back in 2008 as a resource for people to learn the Portuguese language. This site has really been a "work in progress". I do enjoy learning the language and, now, I am ready to pass that knowledge down. I can't really say I have had any professional experience teaching the language; although, I believe I have a pretty good idea.

My original idea was to create you tube videos with voice overs in pronunciations. I would incorporate grammatical sentences or phrases in various lesson plans to provide an understanding of grammar usage. But my ideas are vague and under defined up to this point.

Online Courses vs Electronic Download

In my experiences learning a language, I've come to the realization that people seem to enjoy online classroom type settings rather than the software download programs. It seems to be the "pay as you go" mode of learning that attracts potential customers.

Do feel free to comment if you can add to more ideas.

  • What would be the most effective approach to creating a lesson plan?
  • How do people spend their time online?
  • How much grammar is too boring?
  • Which is the best pronunciation coaching method?