iFLT Conference

By Carol Gaab posted 04-10-2015 13:21


The 4th annual International Forum on Language Teaching will be held July 14-17, 2015at Tartan High School in Oakdale, MN. 

The iFLT Conference is a progressive language teaching conference focuses on best-practices in second language teaching methodologies. Attendees will observe live language classes and attend training sessions led by nationally recognized teacher-trainers who are experts in Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI). Participants will learn a variety of innovative techniques proven to help students develop measurable fluency and (then) will see those strategies in action with real students.  Participants will observe, experience and practice progressive, cutting-edge TCI-based approaches that align with National Standards, meet and exceed ACTFL's 90% use of Target Language and result in unprecedented levels of proficiency. 

This conference is for proficiency-minded language teachers who are serious about helping students develop fluency in any target language.  For more information, visit