Why Do Head Start Programs Do Self-Assessments? Any Idea?

By Carla Parker posted 04-15-2014 02:45


The success of the head start program in Houston is something that can be reckoned with. Ever since the inception of the program, it has received support from both the federal and state governments. This support has played a huge role in fostering the development of these programs and the enduring success. The introduction of Head Start Program Performance Standards has played an important role in making sure that this program is kept in check. Ongoing Self-Assessment ensures that the Head Start standards are kept high.

Self-Assessment can be defined as the process that is used to measure the effectiveness of Head Starts in relation to meeting the program goals and objectives. The process also helps to understand, the implementation process and the regulatory requirements which are critical to identifying areas of key strengths and weaknesses. Stakeholders in charge of head start Houston are fully aware of the importance of Self-Assessment and have continued to support such exercises whenever called upon.

The annual exercise is usually conducted in a bid to provide programs with a means through which they can regularly assess their management programs and system operations so as to ensure there is continued development and strengthening of the program. The commitment in ensuring high quality standards in Head start Houston is what has contributed to the success of these programs in Houston, Texas. Quality improvement should be a continuous process in Head Start programs as it is critical in meeting Performance Standards and encouraging program excellence.

What is the best thing about Self-Assessment?

Head State programs gain a lot from the Self-Assessment exercise. The process guarantees quality improvement as it helps assess how certain aspects of their program's operations impact service delivery. Self-Assessment goes hand in hand with ongoing monitoring. The two make an integral part when it comes to planning cycle. The head start center in Houston has incorporated programs that seek to improve in the long run to reach excellence standards. For any Head Start program in Houston that seeks to continuously improve should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is the head start program in Houstonin line with all the national Head Start Performance Standards?
  • How are the services being offered responding to the changing needs of the families?

The responsibility of Self-Assessment is a collective effort of a number of stakeholders including; Head Start directors, parents, the governing bodies and Policy Council members. The directors are charged with the responsibility of outlining the process and the timeline required for conducting the Self-Assessment and analyzing the findings. Once the results are analyzed in an incisive way, they provide guidance in as far as determining the need for program improvement.