Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience!!

By Bill McGlade posted 02-24-2010 15:39


Here are a few quick tips on how to boost your tradeshow experience and open the gates to a larger revenue stream. 

Spruce-up Your Display: Making your booth display more attractive to the attendee’s viewpoint will pull them toward your booth. Pictures, signs, and products will all help draw more attendee’s to your booth. Know and understand where your boothis in regard to the floor plan and plan accordingly. Did I mention a sponsorship with your booth number and logo will also help draw attendee’s to your booth? 

Literature,Giveaways, and Products: You can never have enough literature or giveaways at a show. There is nothing worse than running out of literature about your company and products. Make sure to have enough literature and giveaways so all the many attendees visiting your booth will leave happy and with a reminder about your brand name. Displaying a product will definitely draw attention toyour booth, so why not display multiple products!

Pre and Post Show Promotions and Follow-ups: Do you have customers that you would like to see your product live in person? Send them an email or a postcard or even call reminding them to stop by your booth. Collect all those leads from the show and make sure to follow up with them. Every lead matters and can lead to an increase in revenue stream!

Train Your Booth Personnel: Make sure your booth personnel are clean and presentable. Make sure they approach the attendees and invite them into the booth. Be proactive! Sitting and waiting will only bring in so much, sometimes you have to reach out and invite that new customer in!

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