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ACTFL invites educators to air their views on topics we will cover in our So You Say feature in each issue of The Language Educator.

Each issue of The Language Educator will include a So You Say feature, an area where our readers offer their opinions on topics relevant to language education. The Editor will select representative statements and they will be published in the magazine. Submit today!

Thanks in advance for contributing to a more representative content for The Language Educator!


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    Gain Fluency

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    Latin America High School Summer Exchange Nicaragua Summer Exchange 2015 We're on a mission to help more Spanish students reach fluency! Visit us at: More information is included in this flyer

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    3 lang. speaking exercises your students will l...

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Learning a new language is often difficult and challenging for students. It can also be tough to find time to fit in fun language activities in the demanding schedule of a daily classroom. That's why Colango is here to supercharge your language classroom...

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    Performance Based Assessments

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    Hello colleagues, I am doing some research on how Higher Order Thinking Skills or Critical Thinking has increased in language classrooms based on Performance Based Assessments. Please let me know if you have come across some interesting research...

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    Articles about importance of foreign languages

    Posted in: Discover Language...

    Hello everyone , I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find articles about the positive effects of foreign languages on heritage students. I have native Arabic students who sometimes do not see the importance of continuing with the...

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    RE: ISO resources for muralism

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    The novel La Calaca Alegre by Carrie Toth has some discussion of murals in Chicago. The main character in the book is an artist; the novel focuses on the disappearance of his mother when he was a child. Good read, likely suitable for a end-of-year...

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