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    Welcome to the ACTFL Community! Our ACTFL community gets bigger every day. Many of you already know one another, while others are brand-new faces. For everyone new, and not-so-new, take a little time to introduce yourselves. Share your name, where you're from, what language(s) you teach, at what level, and why you believe language education...

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    Yes, I would also like to know if the Live-stream will be available after the event takes place. ------------------------------ Mary Yetta McKelva

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    Hi, Carol - Thanks for this info. Forgive me for my ignorance about how YouTube live streaming works, but will these talks be automatically recorded for later access on YouTube? I'm involved in other school activities at that time but I'd be interested to view these talks later, and perhaps that is the case of other educators on this discussion...

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    Just wanted language teachers from the ACTFL community to be aware of a unique (FREE) opportunity to learn from SLA experts: Dr. Bill Van Patten & Dr. Stephen Krashen via iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching)! Next week (July 19-22), 450 language educators and 100 language students will converge at #iFLT16 in Chattanooga, TN. ...

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    Welcome! I teach French as a second language in NC as well and " Ravie" to connect with you . We can always exchange ideas and newest approaches for teaching a second language. Bienvenue!!! ------------------------------ Khadija Idri khadijaidrimounib@yahoo.comStudent

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    Hello Jeanny! Welcome to the ACTFL community. I am a Spanish teacher in Ohio, and I'm actually on a travelling sabbatical this year to find teacher and schools around the world who may want to connect with our teachers and schools back in the U.S. I hope to visit France in late March/early April of 2017 and would love to cultivate some contacts...

  • Dear language educators! Consider registering for the 6 week fully online Virtual Immersion course we are offering again this fall! This is a great way to: - practice and reflect on oral proficiency. - improve fluency and regain confidence. - experiment with virtual immersion. In the first week of the course, you will meet your classmates (language...

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    I'm Kristi and I have taught high school Spanish in Dexter, Michigan for the past 13 years. I attended school at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan. I studied abroad in Seville, Spain from '96-97 and in Queretaro, Mexico in the summer of 2003. I also taught English to Korean junior high school students as a Fulbright English teaching...

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    Newbie! from France

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    Bonjour ! I'm French. I set foot in England just when man set foot on the moon (July 1969) and have spoken and read English ever since, thanks to the marvellous British family who hosted me then - a 47-year-old friendship now. I've been a teacher of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in France since 1980, and a teacher trainer since 1985....

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    RE: OPI feedback

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    Good Morning! Individuals that are interested in receiving Diagnostic Comments for their ‘official’ tests can complete the request form copied below (also attached) and submit to to LTI at The fee per comments/per test is $75. ------------------------------ Elvira Swender

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  • New Membership Levels

    Since its founding in 1967, ACTFL has offered membership to language educators like you based on career stage — Regular, New Teacher, Student, etc. Moving forward, membership levels will be more benefits-driven, giving you control over what you'd like... more

  • ACTFL Mentoring Program

    The 2016-2017 Mentoring Program is now open and accepting applications for both mentors and mentees. For full information and requirements, please visit the mentoring section of the ACTFL website. more

  • Special Focus Topic Article Request: October/November TLE

    Connecting Literacy and Language Learning
    How has literacy changed and what impact does that have on learning a second language? Literacy, traditionally defined as the ability to read and write, has now evolved into multiple, multimodal, and multifaceted... more

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  • US - Nationwide, ETS has an opening for a full-time assessment specialist to develop tests in French. The successful candidate will develop tests and related products in the field of World Languages, specifically
  • US - CO - Colorado Springs, Colorado Teaching License, or ability to secure this license Full-time German Teacher: --Teaching and helping students communicate and understand the German language --Developing and implementing cu
  • US - CA - Los Angeles, We are seeking a skilled and experienced Upper School Spanish teacher for the 2016-17 school year. The ideal candidate will possess native or near-native fluency in Spanish, graduate training in seco

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