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    Hello everybody! I recently took a course called "Foreign Language Learning and Teaching" and the question on the title structured the different contents during the semester. Thus, I was wondering if any of you would like to provide me with your own answer on this forum. Your different perspectives will really help me to understand more of the teaching...

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    Colleagues, Technology-using teachers at all levels are cordially invited to submit proposals for IALLT 2017, which will be held June 20 - 24, 2017, at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. The call for proposals has been extended to Friday, December 16, 2016. Complete details on submission procedures are located on line at http://iallt.org/2017-conference-cfp/...

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    Please consider participating in an interest survey (7 - 10 minutes to complete), click on the link below to access. http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/kitchensinksurvey ------------------------------ Caryn Knight cknight@teachersdiscovery.com ------------------------------

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    Hi Adam, I agree with Lauren, body parts figure prominently in the function of expressing when something hurts, itches, or clothing is too tight, etc. Why not organize your unit around I can statements? These are natural learning targets for your students to showcase their mastery: I can describe what body part hurts or is bothering me....

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    Great point. The materials should cover a variety of topics. ------------------------------ Adoracion Berry aberry@memphis.eduSpanish Instructor and Graduated Student

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    The recent discussion around authentic texts has been debated as an either-or proposition. I join with other voices and urge us to consider a both-and approach, bringing balance in the use of texts. In language arts programs (and reinforced by states' standards for English language arts), a wide range of texts are required to build learners' language...

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    Hi Adam, I think you might need to back up a step or two. First, what is the end goal? What should students be able to do? Body parts in and of itself should be part of a bigger theme. Is your theme on stereotypes? healthy living? What's the bigger picture. When you know that you are able to figure out what students ultimately will be communicating...

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    Can anybody help in sequence of steps of using pictures to accompany a text. How would I go about getting students to write to pictures for which they've had exposure of 2 lessons and activitiesvof engaging with the text? Does anyone have any additional ideas? The thematic content is parts of the body and physical descriptions. I'm also unsure...

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    January 1, 2017, is the deadline for $200 discount to Deutsche Woche in Bar Harbor, July 30 to August 5, 2017! Application and information contact Suzanne Joy <looney@uninets.net> Week-long summer program offers graduated credit and/or CEUs! ------------------------------ Suzanne Joy looney@uninets.net ------------------------------

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    Changing technical terms to make them more stringent might be a very useful step. We could all benefit from much closer attention to the Proficiency guidelines and the levels they describe and then discuss any approaches and methods based on the proficiency levels of the students. One of the issues we will find, of course, is that students in the...


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    The purpose of the ACTFL Research Priorities initiative is to support empirical research on six priority areas that are currently critical to improving language education. Proposals can initiate a new research study, support/expand a study under way,... more

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    An ACTFL task force has completed a tool with Can-Do Statements for Intercultural Communication. Its purpose is to support the integration of the Communication and Cultures standards in teaching and learning.

    Before this tool is published, we would... more

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