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    Dear ACTFL Community, Thank you for your continued engagement throughout this year! In order to help organize the Community a little better, we have created an "Educator Resources" Community . All non-ACTFL events and services must be posted in this Community. Examples include (but are not limited to): call for proposals/submissions, conference ...

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    Welcome to the ACTFL Community! Our ACTFL community gets bigger every day. Many of you already know one another, while others are brand-new faces. For everyone new, and not-so-new, take a little time to introduce yourselves. Share your name, where you're from, what language(s) you teach, at what level, and why you believe language education is ...

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    Ahlan Iman, I am glad that you are loving what you are doing, this is what makes a teacher unique, their passion and love of their job. I too enjoy being an Arabic teacher. I have been teaching Arabic since 1999 and I think I still haven't learned enough. I also think that teaching Arabic is fascinating but it could be challenging at times due to a ...

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    Hi all, We at ACTFL are currently working on some promotional materials. We would love to feature quotes/testimonials from our members. If you're interested in this, please reply with your testimonial (it can be one sentence, or a paragraph, or more if you'd like), your full name, and be aware that we may use your name and quote in our marketing material ...

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    Hello to all of you, I would like to present you Francophone Youth Theatre , a non-for-profit organization that I co-founded in Chicago. We are launching the first Francophone Theatre Festiva l played by American high school students learning French as a foreign language . This festival will take place on April 22 and 23 at the Auditorium ...

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    Hi Alicia, Thank you for your input. Yes, I use Carol Gaab in the middle school but am not familiar with the elementary school set. It is good to have a recommendation. The teacher who will be in the elementary will probably be very new to TCI. Amy ------------------------------ Amy Hubertus amy_hubertus@ewg.k12.ri.us ------------------------------


  • Get Involved! Volunteer With ACTFL

    Calling All ACTFL Members: Get Involved! In the upcoming weeks, we will be listing available volunteer opportunities here on the ACTFL Community. In the meantime, we encourage you to login to the Community and edit your Volunteer Profile and opt-in to ... more

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    Five ACTFL-sponsored workshops have been scheduled at four convenient locations around the country. Registration is open for all workshops listed. Registration is processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a section has filled, any additional ... more

  • Special Focus Topics Submission: Empowering Learners

    The August/September 2017 "The Language Educator" magazine is currently seeking responses to the following question:

    Empowering Learners

    Motivation is a key component in learning. What does “learner-centered instruction” really look like? Technology ... more

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