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    Welcome to the ACTFL Community! Our ACTFL community gets bigger every day. Many of you already know one another, while others are brand-new faces. For everyone new, and not-so-new, take a little time to introduce yourselves. Share your name, where you're from, what language(s) you teach, at what level, and why you believe language education...

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  • Posted in: Language Educators

    I'm gonna get a bit picky here and ask, what does 'fun' mean? There appears to be lots of talk about fun in classrooms these days, but I wonder what fun actually means. Sure, we all know what fun is when we experience it, but I'm interested in understanding it a little more deeply. Is it merely 'engagement'? Can we learn without having fun? Does...

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    I presume you are familiar with SIL, but just in case, here is a link to their work in Kakchiquel. ------------------------------ Rita Barrett

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    I can recommend a very good school in Panajachel, along Lake Atitlan. It's Jabel Tinamit, owned by a very nice and well educated Mayan couple, Gregorio and Candalaria. I spend four months each winter In Panajachel, and many of my friends have studied at this school; all have been very pleased. The school also has several volunteer opportunities...

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Hi Angelia, ACTFL partnered with EF this year for a Cuban tour. We haven't finalized the trips for 2017 yet, but please continue to check back to see what the options are: We also partner with other organizations for language scholarships (they aren't in Cuba unfortunately) which are open to all ACTFL members:...

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Hello, I am a Spanish teacher and I am interested in visiting the school in Guatemala. I am not an Special Ed teacher but I can volunteer to be a translator. Please let me know if I can help in that way. Thank you. Carmen Lira ------------------------------ Carmen Lira

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Colleagues- Buenas tardes! Does anyone have recommendations for a SPANISH immersion experience in Cuba? I am interested in a short stay at a language school or university at the Intermediate Advanced level. There are so many advertising on-line...recommendations appreciated! Best, Angie ------------------------------ Angelia Ridgway

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Diane Davies, a Maya archaeologist, is running a teacher program to Guatemala in April. Please visit her website for more information. ------------------------------ Rachel Horowitz ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Thanks, this is great! Rubrics really drive me a bit crazy...this solves some of the problems. ------------------------------ Jeenna Canche

  • Posted in: Language Educators

    Dear Fellow Language Educators, During the month of August, my wife and I have been working on the basics of Kachikel. One of my current projects is to generate a phonetic inventory of the language. I will be using PRAAT and R to analyze the data I have collected from the Kachikel speaker who was our teacher. If anyone is interested, I don't mind...


  • New Membership Levels

    Since its founding in 1967, ACTFL has offered membership to language educators like you based on career stage — Regular, New Teacher, Student, etc. Moving forward, membership levels will be more benefits-driven, giving you control over what you'd like... more

  • ACTFL Mentoring Program

    The 2016-2017 Mentoring Program is now open and accepting applications for both mentors and mentees. For full information and requirements, please visit the mentoring section of the ACTFL website. more

  • Special Focus Topic Article Request: October/November TLE

    Connecting Literacy and Language Learning
    How has literacy changed and what impact does that have on learning a second language? Literacy, traditionally defined as the ability to read and write, has now evolved into multiple, multimodal, and multifaceted... more

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