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    Welcome to the ACTFL Community! Our ACTFL community gets bigger every day. Many of you already know one another, while others are brand-new faces. For everyone new, and not-so-new, take a little time to introduce yourselves. Share your name, where you're from, what language(s) you teach, at what level, and why you believe language education is ...

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    If I had to choose one research finding from the field of second language acquisition for everyone to know, it would be this. It's disconcerting that this is not knowledge everyone has. Please share. . . Part 1 reviews some early SLA history and the 1973/4 studies on "errors" and developmental sequences, which marked the start of contemporary SLA research. ...

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    Hello, It is difficulty to accommodate the honors students in one class, at my university we have the students registered in regular courses. This is good because they can learn when working with other students. On the other hand, it is a challenge when looking for additional activities for the honor students.  This semester, one student from an online ...

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    This reviews the 1971 study that is foundational to a Communicative Approach and that started the communicative testing movement. It defines communication, lists the principles of a communicative approach, and briefly reviews everything new about this approach. 40+ years ago, Sandra Savignon warned that we'd slap new labels on old approaches and would ...

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    Dear colleagues, I am writing to invite you to participate in our session  on contingent labor. The session is scheduled for Saturday, November 18 from 4-5 PM. While the session is organized in conjunction with the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), I am sure there are quite a few commonalities across languages. Sincerely, ...

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    Good question! I am not sure if ACTFL makes any distinctions between an honors class and a regular class. I can only tell you what we do where I work. We do use the same rubrics. However the amount of reading and the level of the readers are more advanced than those used at the regular classes. I know my response cannot help you a lot and hope another ...


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    If you are interested in your institution/organization being considered to host a 2018 Summer Institute Workshop, please review the below and consider submitting a request.  ACTFL’s Center for Assessment, Research and Development will convene a review ... more

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    The ACTFL Research Priorities Project supports empirical research on six priority areas that are currently critical to improving foreign language education. Proposals can initiate a new research study, support/expand a study under way, or explore an emerging ... more

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    Calling All ACTFL Members: Get Involved! In the upcoming weeks, we will be listing available volunteer opportunities here on the ACTFL Community. In the meantime, we encourage you to login to the Community and edit your Volunteer Profile and opt-in to ... more

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