Early Language Learning: Theory and Practice, 12-14 June 2014

Early Language Learning: Theory and Practice, 12-14 June 2014

Thursday, June 12 - Saturday, June 14, 2014

Department of Language Studies, Umeå university

Are happy to announce the first international conference at Umeå on the theme of young children learning second and foreign languages

Early Language Learning: Theory and Practice in 2014

Umeå: 12th -14th June, 2014


The conference focuses on early second and foreign language learning in school contexts, reviewing contemporary challenges for young children, aged 3-12 years, learning languages in many different school contexts worldwide. This specialist conference offers opportunities for researchers, language teachers, language advisers and policy makers to develop links and establish networks, helping to expand the pool of research expertise in this field.

Confirmed plenary speakers:
Dr Annie Hughes, York University, UK
Prof. Marianne Nikolov, Pecs University, Hungary
Prof Jelena Mihaljevic Djigunovic, Zagreb University, Croatia
Assoc Prof Goto Yuko Butler, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia