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"El Escape Cubano"

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    Posted 12-21-2017 11:34
    ¡Hola!  I am planning to read this short novel with my Spanish Speaker level 2 students.  I would like to preface the reading with some context that shows why people would risk their family's lives, and their own to "escape" Cuba. I have to be careful because I live in Miami which is heavily Cuban.  Another teacher presented a lesson on Cuba, and a few parents sent emails in complaining of the history, so, I am looking for something adolescent-friendly, historically accurate and from the perspective of the Cubans who were determined to leave.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or resources that I can use?  The title of the book is "El Escape Cubano" by Mira Canion.

    Nadia Khan-Roberts

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    Posted 12-22-2017 07:16
    You got my interest going and so I looked around and found this blog.  Perhaps it will help?

    Ella Campos
    Anderson HS
    Cincinnati OH

    Ella Campos


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    Posted 12-26-2017 14:46
    ​Andres Lara is a motivational speaker local to FL (Fort Myers).
    His own story is a compelling rags to riches tale beginning with his escape from Cuba alone at fifteen years of age. He absolutely electrifies students. Perhaps having him come and speak to your class would be an option?
    He uses the name 'The Cuban Guy'.

    Susie Watt Language Consultant

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    Posted 12-27-2017 13:30
    Nadia, it is so exciting to see that you are incorporating literature with level 2 students!  Don't be afraid of parents!!  You are using Expeditionary Learning design with your students!  Incorporating literacy, fieldwork, experts, social studies, language, exciting!!!  Just be sure the principal knows what you are doing and why...and explain to parents how you are allowing for diverse voices and opinions in your classroom.

    Brigid Burke
    bburke@bgsu.eduAssociate Professor of Education

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    Posted 01-30-2018 14:38
    This is a very hard situation. I am wondering if parents would be willing to share some cultural experiences, not necessarily those having to do with immigration. I know that there is a divided camp, but at the same time, this type of language-learner literature will help students learn about the culture, as well as read a novel that is written at their level. We had a similar problem in my middle school with teaching about Slavery. Many of the conversation parents did not like the book "Don't know much about history" and its contents, and it was an uphill battle. At the end of the day, our then principal sided with the teacher, for academic and ethical reasons.

    It is great that you are incorporating literature into your Spanish class. I am a big fan of Agentes Secretos!

    [Alicia ] [Quintero]
    [Spanish Teacher

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    Posted 02-03-2018 20:28

    I imagine you may have started already, but this could be an interesting resource, especially for Black History Month: Black in Latin America | PBS 

    The episode on Cuba explores identity, inequality and censorship. 

    Christine Randall