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    Posted 11-06-2017 11:14
    Hello, all!

    I am reaching out for feedback and help with ACTFL's AAPPL conversation builder. I have been using it (or trying to) with my AP French Language class and it is a very promising tool! The only hiccup is... it only seems to work flawlessly on Microsoft browsers. My school is a Mac school, so students routinely use Safari and Chrome, and less frequently Firefox. About 80% of my students have reported technical difficulties with submitting responses to the task I assigned them. The first hurdle was allowing Flash access to microphones, but even after we fixed that, there were still errors.

    Here is my question: has anyone in this group used the tool, and if so, did you encounter similar issues? Are there known 'fixes'? I did reach out through the "Contact us" link, but I have yet to hear back.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    Sandrine Pal

    Sandrine Pal
    World Language Department Chair
    French teacher
    Laurel School
    Shaker Heights, OH