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Call for Contributions: Tests that Second Language Teachers Make and Use

  • 1.  Call for Contributions: Tests that Second Language Teachers Make and Use

    Posted 07-12-2018 09:29

    Call for Papers


    Collected Volume: Tests that Second Language Teachers Make and Use

    Editor, Greta Gorsuch, Ed.D.,


    This new collected volume highlights classroom tests that high school and college-level working second and foreign language teachers have written and used to assess student learning, to provide feedback, and to award grades. Working teachers and administrators are invited to submit their original, previously unpublished tests, used to estimate students' learning achievement in  classrooms. These can include traditional paper-and-ink tests, criterion-referenced tests, mid-term or final exams, performance tests, and long quizzes or a connected series of quizzes. Computer-administered tests are welcome, if all test items are provided for publication in the volume. Most language skills, and content areas used to teach language, are welcome including listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, literature, global studies, culture studies, science, etc. As many classroom tests test multiple skill and content areas in accordance with course objectives, mixed skill and content tests are welcome. And, although multiple choice is a common test item format, tests that are wholly comprised of multiple choice items will not be accepted. Thus, admission tests or placement tests (norm-referenced tests) are not suitable for this volume. Tests with alternate test item formats (matching, short answer, task, etc.) according to what learner knowledge and skills the teacher/author wishes to capture are strongly encouraged.


    Contributors will also be asked to provide answers to questions on a moderate-length questionnaire, that probe their thought processes as they designed the test, and how they use the tests and test scores in their day-to-day teaching and decision making. Tests of any second or foreign language are invited, including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish tests, and also less commonly taught languages such as Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, or Thai. Tests not in English will need to be offered with a basic English translation. Answers to the survey questions need to be answered in English. Responses may be edited for continuity. The finished test and commentary will comprise a short chapter of approximately 7500 words. If accepted, the test author will be listed as a contributor, along with their affiliation. Contributions are welcome from working language teachers at every level of professional development, including teachers-in-training currently enrolled in graduate programs (and who are being supported as teaching assistants), mid-career teachers, and late-career teachers.


    The editor takes the position that rather than viewing teachers' tests as idiosyncratic and poor shadows of what professional test writers can accomplish, it is more constructive to identify the deeper patterns and order of tradition, innovation, and reasoning behind teachers' tests and testing practices. This book will be a resource for readers as actual classroom tests in multiple languages will be presented, along with author- and individual teachers'/test-writers' commentary. The commentary will deeply and transparently probe the processes of the test construction, use, and validation.


    · September 1, 2018: 500-word self-introduction (in English) and test + basic English translation

    · November 1, 2018: Notification of acceptance and request for written responses to questionnaire; Full proposal made to reputable, international-level publisher

    · January 30, 2019: Final version of test and written responses to questionnaire due

    · February 25 - June 25, 2019: Editing of chapters, negotiation of final chapter prose

    · June 30, 2019: Notification of final acceptance

    · June 30 - August 30, 2019: Final preparation of manuscript

    · September 15 - December 31, 2019: Manuscript to publisher


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