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2 NEW Videos on Skill-Building

  • 1.  2 NEW Videos on Skill-Building

    Posted 10-23-2017 01:47
    Intuitions about learning that are skill-building in nature, underlie the mainstream approach. But do teachers know the basics of skill-building theory? Can they tell you how and to what extent it's been applied in second language acquisition studies? Should second language education concern itself with "practice," "declarative knowledge," "procedural knowledge" and "explicit instruction?" And is the mainstream approach a good application of the theory? All that and more answered in 2 short videos.

    Part 1 explains the basics of skill-building theory and its impotence in explaining facts of SLA, which is why it has few followers among SLA researchers and linguists. The flaws of the research on explicit instruction are given, as well as rebuttals to two flawed arguments that are commonly made in favor of explicit instruction. 

    Part 2 reviews and critiques a study from DeKeyser in 1997, which is one of the most-cited, skill-building studies. Then, the classroom implications of skill-building are critiqued. 

    Happy Acquisition!

    Eric Herman
    Graduate Student