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    Posted 07-18-2018 08:44
    ​​Good morning,
        This year besides being a mentor for a new teacher for ACTFL, I was also a mentor for a student teacher through MTA (Mass Teachers Assoc)
    My MTA mentee was a student teacher from a state university in MA who was a math major. She did half of her student teaching in math at a public middle school near Boston and half of her student teaching at a private school in Ecuador. She does not speak Spanish and she taught the classes in English. She compared her experiences between teaching in a public school in a small town in MA with a private school in a gated community in Ecuador which imports American school teachers who do not always speak Spanish and who teach classes in English.   What do you think of this program? Do other colleges or states offer such programs? (N.B. I am a retired  Spanish/French who taught for 35 years in a public high school, 4 years in a Catholic high school and 1 year in a public vocational/technical high school - all in MA. So I have seen three different systems but I have not taught in a private school overseas)  Just curious  what you think,  Martha A Russell

    Martha Russell
    West Bridgewater Middle HS (retired)