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   RE: Technology in the Classroom
 From: Tom Beeman
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 02-09-2018 01:41
 Message: I teach on-line so technology is an integral part of my day.  I incorporate YouTube videos, on-line articles, touring websites such as colleges, etc.  I have a list of 21st Century Resources ACTFL that I was given during my AP training.  I have shared with you via Google Drive to give you ideas on how to incorporate technology in to your classroom.

Tom Beeman
High School Spanish Teacher
California Virtual Academies
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Sent: 02-08-2018 21:49
From: Jake Harder
Subject: Technology in the Classroom

Hi everyone,

My name is Jake and I am currently a graduate student studying teaching .  I will be teaching Spanish once I graduate.

I'm wondering how often do you use technology in your classroom and how helpful has it been?  If you use it a lot, do you have any recommendations for any technology resources that have been helpful to you in your language classes?  It could be a website, an application, or even a video game, just any sort of technology that you have found useful in your teaching.  It's for a technology class I'm in #pacificutech but I'm sure it will be helpful in my future teaching career.  Thank you for your thoughts and help!


Jake Harder

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