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   RE: Student Feedback AP Presentational Speaking Task
 From: Tom Beeman
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 09-06-2017 01:59
 Message: Why re-invent the wheel?  I grade assignments based on the College Board Rubrics.  So if it's a 50 point assignment I divide it by and then when I grade, I say this looks like a 4 (as an example) on the AP Exam so I give it 40/50 points.  I also grade based on the three areas they look at:  Task Completion, Topic Development, and Language Use.  If the Topic Development is better than Language Use (so long as Language Use is not bad) then the Topic Development Score wins.  If Language Use is so-so then I give them a score in between.  I went to an AP Summer Institute and was trained by a veteran reader.  She said it's good to have them do it in a ping-pong manner so they do 1 point culture A and then 1 point culture B.  This is a much better way to do a comparison then do 1 minute of each culture.  Additionally, I grade them on time.  It is really important for them to get their point across and thoroughly developed within the 2 minute limit so if they are more than a few seconds under or over, I deduct points.  If they are too short, then they need to go back and further develop previously stated points if they cannot come up with new ones.  If they are too long, I tell them they need to cut back and get their points across within the time constraints.  The Exam is not just about the language, but about following directions with the specific format of the Exam.  I know I sound tough, but I am following my training and it works.  This is my 7th year teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture and 100% of my students who have attempted to take the exam have passed; including two non-natives who scored a perfect 5.  I usually hear from former students that my voice is in their heads when they take their exams and that the exam is actually easier than the class itself.  To me, that's a good thing because it means I am preparing them well.

Tom Beeman
High School Spanish Teacher
California Virtual Academies
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Sent: 09-05-2017 20:15
From: Sandrine Pal
Subject: Student Feedback AP Presentational Speaking Task

Bonjour à toutes/tous!
This is a question for AP language and culture teachers. I am looking for advice/best practices in giving my AP students feedback on their presentational speaking assignments. I have a rubric that I designed based on scoring info in the College Board's AP French course description. In my feedback to my students, I don't go into minutiae of grammar or vocab issues, unless I hear a trend and/or the vocabulary in question is relevant to our current theme or a theme we've already covered. My question is two-fold: 
  1. do you give your students written or recorded feedback on this task? and
  2. what kind of feedback is it (focused on content and/or form? syntactical and lexical errors? pronunciation pointers? 'holistic' feedback?)
I would really love to hear how others are providing kids with actionable comments on their work!
Merci d'avance!

Sandrine Pal
World Languages Chair
French Teacher
Laurel School
One Lyman Circle
Shaker Heights, OH 44122

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