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   RE: Honors / Non-Honors
 From: Adoracion Berry
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 10-20-2017 09:20
 Message: Hello,

It is difficulty to accommodate the honors students in one class, at my university we have the students registered in regular courses. This is good because they can learn when working with other students. On the other hand, it is a challenge when looking for additional activities for the honor students.

This semester, one student from an online course, requested to work on a research focusing on the difficulties Spanish speaking students have to integrate with the american school and their peers. This studnet is at the second class beginning Spanish level. I was surprised about her  request. Thus, students in the honor program want to be challenged and learn. Opportunities, must be given to the honor students,  to create additional activities focused on their interests.

My advise is to continue providing honor students the opportunities they are looking for..

[Adoracion] [Berry] [Ed.D.]
[][Instructional Designer and Instructor]
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Sent: 10-19-2017 10:21
From: Gisela Cordero-Cinko
Subject: Honors / Non-Honors

Good question! I am not sure if ACTFL makes any distinctions between an honors class and a regular class. I can only tell you what we do where I work. We do use the same rubrics. However the amount of reading and the level of the readers are more advanced than those used at the regular classes. I know my response cannot help you a lot and hope another teacher sends another response.

Gisela Cordero-Cinko

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Sent: 10-18-2017 17:25
From: Christopher Cashman
Subject: Honors / Non-Honors

Hi folks -

Does anyone know if in any of their publications ACTFL has given formal guidance or input on creating good Honors language courses?  I just ordered the "Keys to" series recently, so perhaps there is some info there.

Not necessarily looking to start a discussion thread about it here - I know everyone has their thoughts and ideas :-)  I'm simply interested to know if ACTFL has published on that topic.

Saludos -

Chris Cashman
Spanish Teacher


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