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   RE: Technology in the Classroom
 From: Heide DeMorris
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 02-09-2018 07:27
Hi Jake, 

May I suggest that you add some sort of survey?  Perhaps you may want to create one in Google Forms.  That way you will have all your responses in one spot, along with email addresses so you can ask follow-up questions.  Additionally, you'll have something to show your professor!

Muy buena suerte, 


Heide DeMorris
The World Language Department
North Salem Middle High School

Language isn't a "credit for graduation to check off", but a skill that "checks you in" to future opportunity. (Linda L Egnatz) 

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Hi everyone,

My name is Jake and I am currently a graduate student studying teaching .  I will be teaching Spanish once I graduate.

I'm wondering how often do you use technology in your classroom and how helpful has it been?  If you use it a lot, do you have any recommendations for any technology resources that have been helpful to you in your language classes?  It could be a website, an application, or even a video game, just any sort of technology that you have found useful in your teaching.  It's for a technology class I'm in #pacificutech but I'm sure it will be helpful in my future teaching career.  Thank you for your thoughts and help!


Jake Harder

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