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   RE: Lead with Languages: Advocacy Activities from Classroom to Community
 From: Christopher Cashman
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 11-15-2017 13:21
 Message: I'm a high school teacher.  So far this year I've been projecting LeadWithLanguages screenshots on my computer screen as students walk in.  And then I read it and comment briefly on it. Takes 1-2 minutes, although sometimes I get into sharing an anecdote or story that the news headline or quote inspires.

My next step with this is to start presenting the idea of study abroad to them.  My main objective as they plan out their futures is to tell them to include *going somewhere* as part of their goal-setting and college planning.  I met with my school's post-secondary counselor recently to get some guidance on this.  She broke down for me what types of study abroad programs exist:  summer, semester, year, or doing to a different country to get your whole college education; U.S. colleges that have branches, sister schools, or credit-sharing partnerships; sometimes FAFSA financial aid can be applied to courses overseas, sometimes it can't, etc.  We had a great discussion, especially since she had just come back from a counselor fly-in hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi and had discussions about this very subject.

I plan to use the info she gave me to organize the next class-intro discussions / blurbs around those ideas and try to find examples of each.  It looks like the LeadWithLanguages webpage has a good source for researching existing Study Abroad programs, so that will be helpful to me!

Chris Cashman
Spanish Teacher
OPI certification candidate
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Sent: 11-14-2017 15:29
From: Erin Whelchel
Subject: Lead with Languages: Advocacy Activities from Classroom to Community

Did you know that February 2018 is Lead with Languages Advocacy Month?

Launched earlier this year, Lead with Languages is a national, multi-year initiative to prioritize language education. Ultimately, our mission is to create a new generation of Americans competent in other languages and cultures and fully equipped to compete and succeed in a global economy. And to accomplish this goal, we need help from you-the educators who advocate each day both from your classrooms and beyond!

Together, we'll be dedicating the entire month of February to spearheading and celebrating advocacy efforts across the country. Be sure to stay tuned @LeadWLanguages on social media for more details as the date approaches.

In preparation, we want to hear from you:

What are your thoughts, questions, and experiences on how to advocate for language education in your classroom or in the larger community? Join the conversation here to share specific activities you've used, your successes, and even the challenges you've faced.

Or perhaps you simply want some feedback on an advocacy idea that you have, or you have a question for the community about advocating for your program...

And if you've already tried a project from our Language Advocacy Toolkit-let us know about it!

Whether you're new to advocacy or a tried-and-true pro, let's get creative and inspired together!

Erin Whelchel
ACTFL Special Projects Coordinator

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