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   RE: Traveling IPAD teacher
 From: Adoracion Berry
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 10-10-2017 08:51
 Message: Nadia,

U sed Go Animated , but it is not free. The voice is very good when creating the videos in various languages.

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Sent: 10-07-2017 18:50
From: Nadia Khan-Roberts
Subject: Traveling IPAD teacher

Hello colleagues!  In my 10th year of teaching Spanish, I am actually experience a *first*!  I am a  traveling Spanish 2 and Heritage Spanish 2 teacher at an Ipad school (all students are equipped with new Ipads).  As such, 90% of all the work that my students do is via "On Campus" which is a web-based school software.  We use Avancemos for the book, but I am looking for additional online tools that my students can easily use.  Do any of you have some favorites you would please share with me?   Here are some that I am looking for

* Any free programs where the students can create an account and keep track of their work/games
* Online Bingo for anything (verbs, vocabulary, pronouns, etc)
* Online jeopardy for a test review
* memory
* matching

Or, any that you all may recommend that I have not thought of.   I am also open to any best practices from teachers who have done this "traveling" Ipad teaching thing; it is very new to me and I just feel like my classes could definitely be more interactive.

Nadia Khan-Roberts

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