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   RE: Introducing
 From: Paris Granville
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 09-27-2017 10:37
 Message: Hi, Kountiala.

Welcome to the message board! Do you speak another language(s) besides French and English?

Nice to hear from you,


Paris Granville
World Language Curriculum Lead
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Sent: 09-26-2017 04:57
From: Kountiala Some
Subject: Introducing

Hi dear colleagues,
I am Kountiala Somé, a graduate student in second Language Aquisition, Policy and culture, six year experience in teaching English, and a professional translatoer-intepreter (English-French). I am from Burkina Faso, west Africa. I have a particular interest in Communicative English teaching mainly in countries like Burkina where English is a third language. I hope I will learn from you and share with you.

Kountiala Some
jeandedieusome87@yahoo.comGraduate Student SLA

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