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   RE: CAEP Assessment
 From: Randy Barrette
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 10-10-2017 08:21
 Message: Hello Mary,   I can speak to this now, as we are currently in the middle of submitting our programs for state review, and simultaneously preparing for our CAEP self-study report due in February.  The specific standards related to content are ACTFL Standard 1: Language Proficiency, and Standard 2: Cultures, Linguistics, Literature, and Concepts from Other Disciplines.  This from the document, ACTFLCAEP2015.pdf, which I believe came from an ACTFL presentation at a recent CAEP conference.  This document has examples of evidence to submit; it is very helpful.

We are not a SPA state, so our state program review will become evidence to present to CAEP regarding these standards for world language programs.  We have EPP-wide key assessments that address InTASC IV and V, applicable to ALL programs.  I can tell that content is a big deal at the state-review level.  The reviewers want to know how the content from core courses in the major relate to the content the future teachers will need in their P-12 classrooms.  We were able to show this through a combination of evidence such as syllabi, key assessments from courses, and of course scores such as Praxis (we don't require the OPI).  In addition to being proficient in the 3 modes of communication you have to show that your candidates:
2a) Demonstrate target cultural understandings and compare cultures through perspectives, products, and practices of those cultures.
2b) Demonstrate understanding of linguistics and the changing nature of language, and compare language systems.
2c) Demonstrate understanding of texts on literary and cultural themes as well as interdisciplinary topics.

We've found that this process can be a bit overwhelming, especially compared to previous processes under NCATE.  If I can provide more clear answers please ask.

Randy Barrette
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Sent: 10-09-2017 16:56
From: Mary O´Donnell
Subject: CAEP Assessment

Has anyone recently prepared a ACTFL/CAEP program assessment report? The Assessment Director in my university is asking which ACTFL standards specifically address content knowledge.

Apparently in many content areas (History, Biology, etc.) standards address content knowledge quite specifically.

Any suggestions? Feel free to contact me directly at

Any help would be most appreciated!

Mary O´Donnell

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