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   RE: TPRS and CI
 From: Diane Volzer
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 11-28-2017 08:13
 Message: I also recommend without reservation the use of TPRS and other ways of delivering CI.  Students find stories compelling thus they engage with the language more eagerly.  And because the method is naturally differentiating, I have seen success with all types of students.  Since we began teaching with a CI focus, we have expanded from offering two years of high school Spanish to offering 3 years of middle school and 4 years of high school plus AP Language and Culture.  Students find they are successful in Spanish class and choose to continue for various reasons: some to enjoy that success, others because they just enjoy the way class is presented, and others because they fall in love with language.

This is our first year to offer AP so I cannot tell you any success stories there!  However, what I have heard from college students who have studied high school Spanish 2-4 years is positive. Many CLEP or test into 200 or 300 level classes. Others choose to start anew and enjoy an "easy A." Some have switched to other languages but have continued language study.  One student panicked when she entered college and they began talking about "conjugation." She didn't know she could conjugate! Since that first year, I have been deliberate to teach a few grammar terms (conjugation, infinitive, stem) and explain to students more about how they are learning language.

Students at my school often participate in mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries and most report feeling confident with trying out their language skills.  No matter the method used in class, it is impossible to "fully prepare" a student for these situations.  But our students have a confidence that bolsters them when they are abroad. One reported that she remembered best the things we had discussed during our "crazy stories."

I hope this is helpful to you!

Diane Volzer
dvolzer@chslions.comWorld Languages Department Head
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Sent: 11-26-2017 22:15
From: Lucy Holmes
Subject: TPRS and CI

Greetings everyone.  I'm a veteran teacher (27 yrs), and have taught grammar most of this time (Spanish/French; levels 1-3).  Am reading and getting very excited by CI and TPRS.  Studied Krashen and SLA in my last grad program 15 yrs ago, and seeing lots about it these days.  Would like to know how those who are practicing it now find it.  Also, wondering if we use this at high school level, will our students be prepared for their first class(s) at college level.  Thanks to all.

Lucy Holmes

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