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   Seeking Speakers of Mandingo-Malinke, Pashto-Peshawari, Susu, and Macedonian
 From: Julia Ruane
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 11-08-2017 11:53
 Message: ACTFL seeks native speakers of the following languages:

  • Mandingo-Malinke
  • Pashto-Peshawari
  • Susu
  • Macedonian

A selected candidate will be asked to assist in administering a telephonic test of speaking proficiency. This paid opportunity is an excellent chance to use your native language, have a conversation with someone learning the language, gain exposure to speaking proficiency testing, and work one-on-one with an experienced language tester trainer.

Scope of work:
- Several hours of telephone time preparing with a language tester trainer. You will be provided with information on the test content and how to conduct it. The test is called the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), a nationally recognized test of speaking proficiency.
- Estimated 45 minutes conducting the test of speaking proficiency in one of the languages listed above. The test will be a three-way phone call between yourself, the test taker, and the language tester trainer also on the line for guidance.

To apply or learn more: please email (attn: Julia Ruane) and attach a current copy of your resume. In the body of the email, please include a brief summary of your language background and why you are interested in this project.

Please feel welcome to share this opportunity with qualified native speakers who may also be interested.

Julia Ruane
Project Coordinator
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)


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