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 From: Eric Herman
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 10-11-2017 22:41
I have started a YouTube playlist where I'll share free and public, very much-abridged versions of the Acquisition Classroom Memo. I started with the current memo (Issue 15 on task-based language teaching) which resulted in a 2-part video, amounting to 4 written pages. Subscribers received a 36-page memo on tasks divided up into 12 shorter sections. I will continue to add to the playlist with short videos on previous and future memos.
I hope teachers will watch a 5 minute "teaser" on a SLA/Instruction topic of their interest and be inspired to learn more. I encourage you to recommend specific videos to other teachers, parents, students, admin. . . whoever you think could benefit from this knowledge.
Happy Acquisition!

Eric Herman
Spanish Teacher

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