• Continuing the Conversation: ACTFL Convention

    Join us as we revisit lessons and ideas from the 2018 Convention with Meredith White and Linda Zins-Adams. Registration is limited to the first 100 ACTFL members, copies of the webinar recording will be uploaded to the ACTFL webinars community the next day.


    Monday June 3, 12:00 pm ET: Technology Doesn't Create Learning; It Captures It

    Tuesday, August 6, 3:00 pm ET: Power Up! Active language application through popular tech tools
  • System Outage Announcement

    The system that manages ACTFL Online Accounts will be down from Monday, May 13, 9:00 am ET to Tuesday, May 14, 9:00 am ET. This will prevent online users from logging into allACTFL services, these include, but are not limited to the ACTFL website, Online Store, My Portal, Community, Path LMS, Job Central, Sakai LMS, and Convention Online. This will also affect the Virtual Learning Modules, AAPPL CB, Language Educator Online and Mobile Editions, and Foreign Language Annals Online through Wiley. We thank you for your patience.
  • System Outage Annoucement

    The system that manages ACTFL Online Accounts will be down from Sat. Feb 22, 11:00pm ET to Sun. Feb 23, 7:00am ET. This will prevent online users from logging into several ACTFL services, these include, but are not limited to the ACTFL Website (some pages), Online Store, My Portal, Community, Path LMS, Job Central, Sakai LMS, and Convention Online. This will also affect the Virtual Learning Modules, AAPPL CB, Language Educator Online and Mobile Editions, and Foreign Language Annals Online through Wiley. We thank you for your patience.
  • So You Say - developing connections between research and practice

    How are you helping develop stronger connections between research and practice? ACTFL’s Research Priorities Initiative supports research in five key areas: immersion/dual language programs; in-service and pre-service language teacher development and retention; assessing learning outcomes in K–16 settings; equity and access in language learning; and intercultural learning. Share examples of partnerships, projects, and strategies designed to translate research into classroom practice and develop more reflective practitioners.
  • 2019 ACTFL professional awards

    The 2019 ACTFL professional awards are now open for nominations. ACTFL members and organizational members are encouraged to submit nominations for the awards. Please read through each award for the criteria and nominating guidelines. Deadline to submit a nomination is May 28.
  • 2019 summer language scholarships

    The 2019 summer language scholarships are now open and accepting applications. Scholarships are available in six different languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, Persian, and Spanish.

    Scholarship locations include:
    Costa Rica

    Scholarship preference will be given to members with limited study abroad experience, and those seeking to improve their language skills. Applicants must be paid through March 31, 2019 to be eligible, and all documents must be received by ACTFL by 11:59 pm ET on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

    Take advantage of this unique (and free!) ACTFL member benefit, and submit your application today.
  • 2019 summer language scholarship reviewers

    Volunteer to review the 2019 summer language scholarships. We need reviewers for Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, and Spanish. Reviewers must be comfortable assessing in the target language.

    Please use the volunteer portal to apply.
  • Job Central Challenge


    Upload or update your resumé on the ACTFL Job Central between now and December 31 to be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes:

    • One one-year Basic ACTFL membership and a resumé/CV critique
    • One print ACTFL publication and a resumé/CV critique
    • One Virtual Learning Module (VLM)* and a resumé/CV critique

    Those with previously uploaded resumés must update or re-upload their resumé to be considered for the drawing.  Winners will be randomly selected and notified in January 2019. Members and non-members are both eligible to participate.

    Use your normal ACTFL login to access the “Job Seeker Sign In” portal. If you are not sure of your login, please contact ACTFL at


    *VLM option choices are limited to the $59 or less options
  • 2019 Convention Proposal Reviewers

    Volunteer to score the 2019 Convention proposal submissions. Volunteers must be current ACTFL members, and may select to review for one of the 19 SIGs, or as a general session reviewer. 

    Please submit your volunteer application by December 1.
  • Focus Topics: Empowering Teacher Leaders

    Developing teacher leadership takes many forms. How are our organizations and systems developing

    the leadership skills of educators? How are effective educators tapped to provide leadership in their

    building, their organizations, and to broader audiences? Tell others about programs and projects that coach and guide language educators to be highly effective leaders or mentors in a variety of arenas.

    The submission deadline is November 1, 2018.
  • Volunteer to be a SIG Officer

    ACTFL SIGs elect officers for two-year terms each year. This year, the below groups and positions are up for election. Interested members must be a member of the SIG and may submit only one self-nomination. If you are not sure which SIG you belong to, please use the "Communities" tab in the green menu bar above and select the "My Communities" from the drop-down to see in which groups you are currently enrolled.

    Those interested in applying must submit a 250 word, third-person statement of interest describing their background and experience, why they would be a good fit for the position, and any special plans if elected.

    2018 SIG Election Positions
    African-American Students - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Arabic - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Cinema - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Community Colleges - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Critical and Social Justice Approaches - Chair
    Distance Learning - Chair and Secretary
    Heritage Languages - Vice-Chair
    Immersion - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Korean - Secretary
    Language Learning for Children - Chair
    Less Commonly Taught Languages - Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary
    Portuguese - Vice-Chair
    Research - Chair, Vice-Chair, and Graduate Student Representative
    Spanish for Heritage Learners - Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Small Undergraduate German Programs - Chair
    Teacher Development - Chair and Secretary
    Teaching and Learning of Culture - Vice-Chair

    For anyone wishing to nominate someone else, please contact @Genevieve Borello with the person's name and email, a follow-up email will be sent to them. Self-submissions must be received through the volunteer application on/before September 16. ​Members of each SIG will be emailed a ballot in late September with information about each applicant, including the statement of interest. Submission period will be open from September 1 - 16, voting will be open for two weeks starting in late September.
  • Say You Say - Leveraging Community Connections

    What have you found to be effective ways to make language programs visible in your community? How are you making the case for languages to draw in a broad network of supporters? In what ways are language programs proving their value in your community? Share ways in which you have created, maintained, and/or leveraged partnerships and connections with organizations and communities outside of your classroom.
  • Host a Summer Institute Workshop

    If you are interested in your institution/organization being considered to host a 2019 OPI Summer Institute Workshop, please review the below and consider submitting the below form. ACTFL’s Center for Assessment, Research and Development will convene a review board in October to select summer 2019 locations.


    Valuable professional development opportunity for your teachers, faculty, and colleagues.
    Workshop makes your institution a national center for professional development training, bringing language professionals to your district from national and international schools.

    Host Schools and Institutions will be highlighted in ACTFL publicity, including announcements in ACTFL Member News, the ACTFL website, and ACTFL membership mailings. These announcements reach an estimated 50,000 language professionals in the United States and abroad.

    50% registration discount will be extended to local faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis. The regular workshop fees are $900 for 4-day workshops, $450 for 2-day workshops and $200 for 1-day workshops. Discounted faculty registrations are limited to three per language section and total registrations across sections will be taken into account if more slots are needed for faculty in a particular language.
    Deadline: August 24, 2018 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time