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ACTFL invites educators to air their views on topics we will cover in our So You Say feature in each issue of The Language Educator.

Each issue of The Language Educator will include a So You Say feature, an area where our readers offer their opinions on topics relevant to language education. The Editor will select representative statements and they will be published in the magazine. Submit today!

Thanks in advance for contributing to a more representative content for The Language Educator!


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    Special needs and IEPs

    Posted in: Community Help

    Hi ACTFL community, I am a new teacher and just got switched at the semester to a new group of students in which there are a high number of IEPs. The students are considered heritage speakers because I teach in a majority latino community. However,...

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    RE: Pacific High School Assures Academic Principles...

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    This looks like an advertisement to me, and that is not the purpose of this site.

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    RE: Performance Based Assessments

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Pamela, To be able to categorize words may be a form of Higher Order Thinking. We take a category of words and list any/all words that might fit. We also do the opposite, which is to list words and then label the category. I have students do...

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    Pacific High School Assures Academic Principles...

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Studying abroad has never been easier, Pacific high school offer you today that possibility. From the comfort of your home, practically 100% online and you can get pacific high school diploma, accepted at the Universities of all states of the world....

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    French immersion preschool hiring

    Posted in: Immersion

    Bonjour! We are looking for passionate French teachers to join our team! We are based in the San Francisco Peninsula. See our job description on our web site: And contact us at: Merci et...

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