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ACTFL invites educators to air their views on topics we will cover in our So You Say feature in each issue of The Language Educator.

Each issue of The Language Educator will include a So You Say feature, an area where our readers offer their opinions on topics relevant to language education. The Editor will select representative statements and they will be published in the magazine. Submit today!

Thanks in advance for contributing to a more representative content for The Language Educator!


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    Use of the TL

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Greetings colleagues, I am interested in hearing collective wisdom on the use of the target language in elementary programs that have class meet once a week and middle school classes (5th and 6th grades) that meet twice a week. The classes are...

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    RE: VOTE: ACTFL Video Contest 2013

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Kelly, The ACTFL Video Contest has been discontinued. The domain has been purchased by another company. If you would like to view the finalists form the ACTFL Video Contest 2013 please go to the ACTFL YouTube channel,

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    RE: VOTE: ACTFL Video Contest 2013

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    The site has been acquired by a group called nexus, which has posts such as "Secret SEO Tip1," and an article on hiring an escort for your next body rub. Does anyone know where the actual student winning videos are? Thanks!! ...

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    Differentiate high?

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Hola a todos, I am seeking resources/ideas/methods/approaches to differentiate for (i.e. challenge) my high achievers and heritage learners. FYI: I teach FLES 3rd-5th grade Spanish; thematic project-based approach. As is typical, my high achievers...

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    Foreign Language Online course - 2 credits for $196...

    Posted in: Language Educator...

    Are you interested in finding more ways to implement the 5Cs into your lessons? Do you need 2-credits at the graduate level for your teacher re-certification? Do you want to take an online course offered this fall for only $196, at your own pace? Check...

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