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Topic: Amazing Spanish Immersion Program in Costa Rica August 2018 

1.  Amazing Spanish Immersion Program in Costa Rica August 2018

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I'm an ACTFL Member, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and Spanish Teacher with 25 years' experience. Join me for a trip of a lifetime while we return to the town of my service for a Spanish Immersion Program. This program is so much more than just spending hours in the classroom and living with a host family. You will also see the country: beaches, rain & cloud forest, volcano and hot springs, wild animal sanctuaries, organic farm, coffee plantation and more! We will meet for 2 hours/day in the morning for brief Spanish lessons and then you will engage in project based learning for 5 days. Additionally, there will be tours that are included for a total of 11 days and nights. This trip is best for those that know Spanish, but I have developed it for all levels. Come explore pura vida in Costa Rica!! Click on the included links to contact me or email

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