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1.  New Spanish textbooks (middle school)

Posted 05-03-2013 12:02
I'm responsible for selecting a new set of textbooks for Middle School Spanish (Grades 6-8) in a dual language school (English/Spanish). Does anyone have any recommendations as to good textbooks to use? Would it be advisable to split 6th grade into their own "track" and have 7th and 8th together? Any suggestions welcomed. Thank-you! 

Sasha Gauley

2.  RE:New Spanish textbooks (middle school)

Posted 05-04-2013 11:15
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[Laura Anaya de Zuchovicki

3.  RE:New Spanish textbooks (middle school)

Posted 05-04-2013 21:45
You might want to take a look at the Santillana series. We have not yet adopted it, but are taking a look since having begun an elementary program and have hopes of continuing it through middle school. Two things I like about them: the Publishing company is originally based in Spain and has established itself in the U.S. in recent years; they publish textbooks for Elementary programs all the way up to High School. 

I teach from 8th (when our French/Spanish language requirement begins) through 12th grades and my wife teaches 5th and 6th grade Spanish. In answer to your question about putting 6th grade in its own track, at her school they use the same textbook series (levels 1 and 2) for 5th through 8th grades She feels the two-part series is not developmentally appropriate for 5th grade, but is fine using it for 6th through 8th (at her school 5th grade is the first year of Middle School). They cover 1st level Spanish in 5th, 6th and 7th grades (up to the Preterite) with the 1A textbook, and then 2nd level with the 1B book in 8th grade. Students go on to  high school to place in Spanish 3 in the 9th grade. Since you begin in the 6th grade, I would imagine you complete the curriculum for level 1 over your three years of Middle School, sending the students to high school to begin Spanish 2.

R. Harrell