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1.  NEW VIDEO: Collaborative Construction

Posted 01-30-2018 23:35
From this video, I hope more people can understand the simplicity, but also the great power, of the collaborative construction process. There is no process that I know of that is better for the second language, acquisition-centered and proficiency-based classroom. I demo how to collaboratively construct a

1) character,
2) an object,
3) a setting,
4) a scene,
5) how to apply it to a textbook topic,
6) collaboratively construct personal information,
7) use the process to co-create an original, and
8) an alternative version of a story.
I go over some main techniques for making the process comprehensible. I argue the benefits of the process, explaining how it is deeply student-centered, and provides superior vocabulary spacing. I hope this demystifies what TPRS teachers are doing and inspires more teachers to try this process out. And I think this way of characterizing the process is good for training new teachers and marketing the process.
Happy Acquisition!

Eric Herman
Graduate Student

2.  RE: NEW VIDEO: Collaborative Construction

Posted 02-03-2018 17:38

Thank you for your contribution! We have not yet incorporated TPRS into our foreign language program, but I would like to pioneer this. 

Does anyone have specific thoughts on TPRS for 17-18 year old students in Level 1-2 languages? 

Christine Randall

3.  RE: NEW VIDEO: Collaborative Construction

Posted 02-04-2018 15:57
I had taught for 22 years  in the traditional textbook manner (also incorporating a Spanish verb wall, songs, projects, etc.  Last summer, I got wind of a TPRS conference in San Antonio and it sounded very intriguing.  I cannot say in words how that week refreshed my teaching!  I have gone to telling stories in Spanish almost every day, incorporated novels, even more songs and videos (Movie Talk) and I am SOLD.  This year has been more FUN teaching to ALL levels of learners!  My goal is 90% spoken Spanish in the classroom, 100% comprehension along with spot teaching grammar as needed.  Little homework, less stress.  It is a win-win!

Tracey Thomas