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Subject: 90% Target Language in the Classroom

1.  90% Target Language in the Classroom

Posted 10-06-2013 13:01
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What a Saturday I just had.  CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers), [home of Janine Erickson and Toni Theisen] held their Fall Conference with Rebekah Stathakis on using 90% Target Language in the Classroom.  8 hours of strategies, ideas, examples, research, assessments, games and practice.  If you have doubts about "90%", find a local FL group hosting her and attend.  Incredible stuff.  I highly recommend it.
[David] [Burrous]
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2.  RE:90% Target Language in the Classroom

Posted 10-07-2013 08:29
Sounds awesome.  For those who are in the Philadelphia area & suburbs & who cannot get to a conference like this, may I offer  I have done many state presentations & then ACTFL a few years ago.  My career of 35 years was based on teaching solely - or 90% - in the target language & I had great success.  My workshops have been very successful as well.  Take a peek!

Esther Gordon