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   RE: World Heritage Site class (UNESCO)
 From: Randi Butter
 To: Language Educators
 Posted: 02-11-2017 10:23
 Message: So glad you are doing this!  I do a mini lesson with my 8th grade Spanish students on UNESCO  World Heritage sites and they really enjoy it.  They are surprised to learn that they may have visited a site or two with their families.  I also take groups of students to Mexico and Ecuador and always highlight the sites that we visit on our travels.  Sorry that I can't help with curriculum, just wanted to offer you encouragement!

Randi Butter
Spanish Teacher
Savannah Country Day Schcool
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Sent: 02-10-2017 16:17
From: Kymberly van Zanten
Subject: World Heritage Site class (UNESCO)

I was looking into creating a semester-long Spanish class based around the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Has anyone every done this or know of any books that would have curriculum surrounding this topic?  Thank you.

Kymberly van Zanten

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